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Greenwich, CT

This project is a renovation and additions to an existing house built in the 1960’s. The project had all of the problems of a house of this vintage- low ceilings, inefficient mechanicals, and spaces that were too small for the family’s needs. What was once a series of low, dark spaces are now bright expansive rooms with views throughout the wooded property.

Although the project was limited by the existing footprint and the wetlands on the rear of the site, we were able to extrude the front façade, creating space for an enlarged dining room, a grand entrance and a study. The awkward floor levels created by the previous, insensitive additions were softened by minimizing the number of steps, raising the ceilings and lowering some of the floors. At the same time we added a usable 3rd floor. A central core was carved out of space from the dining room and living room to increase the size of the entry. We also pushed the walls at the center point, allowing us to build a floating elliptical staircase that goes up three stories.

Programmatically the design follows the traditional public-to-private organization. When you enter the house you are drawn towards the rear of the house by new floor to ceiling windows across the back of the house. As you walk towards the brilliant view you approach the most amazing, floating staircase with railings that were custom designed by David Hind of Canada. The railings in the space are nothing short of spectacular- the railing almost moves in a fluid state. At the center of the ellipse, you look up to see three floors of this “sculptured space.”

The home’s exterior is traditional granite with custom limestone detailing and a slate roof, while the interior reflects the owners’ contemporary lifestyle.