“in the words of one of our clients “It is awesome…the most amazing thing is how well the Architecture, the design, and the furnishings all combine to create exactly what we were hoping for…”


JMKA | architects believes in custom architecture that is grounded to its place. A project should respond to the natural environment and merge with the landscape.

Using a combination of regional materials, we design buildings that are environmentally responsible and authentic. As architects, we have a responsibility to keep a healthy environment, so we shape every project around experienced environmental knowledge and energy modeling. This results in sustainable strategies that carefully respond to each site’s unique characteristics. Our architectural design is influenced by the past but built for the present and future, so we focus on timeless solutions.

Team Building

With each new project, we make a very conscious effort to pull together a team of professionals that work well together. This includes interior designers, millwork fabricators, contractors, lighting consultants, and landscape architects. JMKA works as the point person; a client once referred to us as the “maestro” for the project. We build a team that not only fits the needs of the project itself but also the needs of the client.

Superior Project Management

We know that our architectural design is only as good as the final product. For that reason, we place an emphasis on project management. And we understand that construction projects are stressful for owners. All of our commissions include project management throughout the building process. Our office formula includes weekly onsite meetings with the client, contractor, and subcontractors. This part of the process allows us to follow the project’s progress closely and make sure the timeline is being followed to the client’s expectations.

Trusted Customer Service

In order to ensure your ultimate satisfaction, our team goes to great lengths to remain by your side throughout each phase of the decision-making process. It doesn’t matter whether you’re interested in developing a new kitchen or revamping the inside of your professional space; our architectural design philosophy incorporates the input of the client every step of the way. When it comes to custom home architecture, we recognize the downside of cookie cutter floor plans and one-size-fits-all layouts. Keeping this in mind, we constantly keep open lines of communication throughout the new home design process to arrive at an uncompromised and stunning finished product.