Jeff Kaufman Principal/Lead Designer


Jeff has been an Architect in Westport for 15 years. His inspiration comes from his travel experiences, the materials he chooses to work with, the environment and where the project will be built. He’s constantly trying to push the envelope creatively. He doesn’t simply find one design solution and settle on it. He comes up with multiple solutions and then works with his design team to think through all the pros and cons before deciding which direction to take the project.

About Our Company

JMKA | architects believes that the best ideas evolve from an engaging and collaborative design process with clients, consultants, and our firm. We build a team that keeps the clients informed and involved, so the final product is a common ownership of innovative ideas.

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“To every aspect of our project, JMKA brought experience, imagination, and a commitment to getting all the details perfect. They knew what we would want before we knew it ourselves.”

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