JMKA | architects Lecture series 2015

JMKA | architects Lecture Series 2015

October 3 @ 10AM: Cultivating Great Public Spaces

Leslie Creane, Architect/Planner speaking on “Cultivating Great Public Spaces” and winning planning and zoning approval and land use planning. She has extensive experience working in both the public and private sector. An out-of- the- box problem solver, Leslie is committed to making a better world for our children’s children. Ms. Creane is president of Creane & Company and is also Town Planner for Hamden, CT. She is a graduate of Cornell University and the Yale University School of Architecture.


Justin-Quinn, Studio Director of Greenwich based Herman-Doyle Design Associates, will deliver a presentation on his award winning creative design philosophy.

Justin will also discuss the importance of working closely with other professionals involved with the job, particularly the architect, to create a shared peaceful, and soothing vision that blends with the house and its surroundings.  He believes in the essence of botanical diversity, using native, natural and organic plantings.  The discussion will emphasize his approach to both traditional design and modern esthetic, and how he determines style when beginning a project.


Greg Sages, Executive Director of the Phillip Johnson Glass House in New Canaan, will provide insights and information on this historic house at the final talk of the WHS Architecture Design Series, sponsored by JMKA|architects, on Saturday, November 21, 2015, from 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Mr. Sages will provide details and explain exactly why the Glass House continues to fascinate visitors today, over 65 years since it was first built.

Many people lack understanding of this remarkable and unique home, even those who have visited the site. He will also elaborate on the rich history of its 89 acre property. Mr. Sages will also highlight the strong preservation initiatives undertaken to ensure the area’s survival for years to come.

In addition to JMKA|architects, additional sponsors of the lecture series include New Perspective Cabinetry and Tallman Segerson Builders.





It is my distinct pleasure to be the guest speaker on behalf of the JMKA|architects’ Discussion Series at the Westport Historical Society. As the Executive Director of the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s landmark Philip Johnson Glass House in New Canaan, CT, l am charged with preserving and restoring the 14 structures on 49 landscaped acres and our permanent 20th century museum quality art collection.

The four principal structures are more than 45 years old. Significant effort and money is being expended and will continue to be expended on preservation and restoration across the Glass House campus. Over the last few years, we replaced the roof on the Painting Gallery, dredged the pond and completed a number of lesser projects. We recently embarked upon a complete restoration of the Sculpture Gallery. Upon its completion, the Sculpture Gallery will again reflect the incredible architecture and visual effects Johnson saw and loved in Greece.

This project, and others to come, are essential to continuing this truly unique American landmark’s role as a canvas for inspiration and experimentation honoring the legacy of Philip Johnson (1906-2005) and David Whitney (1939-2005).

I am grateful to Jeff Kaufman and JMKA|architects, the Westport Historical Society as well as sponsors New Perspective Cabinetry, Tallman Segerson Builders and Shoreline Painting for having me as their speaker.

“To every aspect of our project, JMKA brought experience, imagination, and a commitment to getting all the details perfect. They knew what we would want before we knew it ourselves.”

“Jeff has a real vision for how a space can be transformed. Even after I saw the gorgeous results, I still couldn’t believe how he could have visualized the possibilities.”


” I have to tell you, the work is looking so beautiful, we have had our neighbors stopping by to admire the design!  Thank you so much for creating it for us”


“in the words of one of our clients “It is awesome…the most amazing thing is how well the Architecture, the design, and the furnishings all combine to create exactly what we were hoping for…”