Utilize These Resources for Your New Home Design Project

Preparing a new home design is an involved process; you will need to consider many things and make decisions about things that may never have even occurred to you. You will need to consult multiple specialists across different industries to make sure your project is completed safely, accurately, within budget, and according to your specifications. New home design can be especially daunting if you don’t know what to expect. Our experienced custom home architects know that undertaking a project of this magnitude can be overwhelming. Because we work so closely with our clients and vendors throughout the Stamford and Greenwich area, we can help address any concerns you might have at any time. We also know that it can be beneficial to have some resources available to answer some preliminary questions and give you a general framework for what to expect from your project. If you want to learn more about the architectural design process, we are here to help. Below are helpful guides to prepare and plan for your next big custom home project.


  • On a daily basis, we see people moving projects into the design phase before the research is started. This is like a doctor starting surgery without a thorough diagnosis or trying to build a house on a bad foundation.

    That is why we created the Rapid Project Planning Pack downloadable PDF guide. Now, you have a simple process to help you move through the Research Phase. If you follow this tool, you will reduce project risk and improve project design

    Download Project Planning Pack

  • Download How to Prepare for your Design Project

    In this informative downloadable PDF guide, you’ll discover:
    • Where to start
    • What to consider
    • How to answer the why’s?
    • and much more!
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