Congratulations! You have decided to design and build your new home. There are all kinds of benefits to doing this – you can customize things as you choose, guarantee energy efficiency, and you won’t need to renovate anything. If you expect to begin the new home building process soon, keep the following tips in mind as you move through the process:

Design With the Future in Mind

If there’s one certainty in life, it’s that things will change eventually. One of the best parts about designing your own home is that you can customize everything to your own needs – but will those needs look the same five or ten years down the line? Consider what features you might need in the future as you plan your new build and factor them into your planning process.

Plan for Storage

Storage space is not one of the most exciting things to plan for in your new home, but you’ll realize once you move in how vital it is. If you asked homeowners across the United States what they would change about their home, most of them would say that they wished they had more storage space. Proper storage has a huge impact on your lifestyle, your organization, and even your property value. Use your planning time to add as much storage space as you can and enjoy peace of mind later.

Invest in Fixtures

During the home design and building process, you will be making a lot of choices. Consider how easy it will be to replace each component before you choose. Investing in high-quality fixtures now, such as lighting, counters, and cabinetry, ensures that they last for a long time even as the furnishings around them change.

Be Flexible About Schedule

When we design and build your home, we will provide an estimated schedule; however, it’s important to remember that your schedule is a guideline that is subject to every contingency there is. Bad weather, building issues, and other setbacks are likely to pop up along the way, so it’s important to stay flexible throughout the process.

Finish Before You Move In

This might seem like common sense at the beginning of the process, but at the end of a long build, you will be ready to just move in. Projects like landscaping or finishing your basement seem less and less important as your desired move-in date approaches. However, keep in mind that it’s much easier to finish these projects while the process is underway and you have contractors working on your property already. If you decide to shelve any projects, be prepared to wait years before you are able to complete them.

Trust Your Contractor

The most vital part of the home building process is to choose contractors and vendors you can trust. This means choosing companies with years of experience, sterling reputations, and confidence in their work.

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