Connecticut Cottages & Gardens - July 2005

Connecticut Cottages & Gardens

July 2005
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Where do you live in Connecticut?
What do you love about Connecticut?
The architecture, landscape and
proximity to the coast and family.
What’s your favorite place inConnecticut?
The Hillstead Museum in Farmington and the
British Art Center in New Haven.
Describe your home: An1860 farmhouse with clean,
and simple lines and  a contemporary extension
that matches the austerity and sparse and details of
19th-century farmhouse.
Name a source of inspiration:
Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello.
Who has had a profound impact on your work?
Sir Edwin Lutyens, Sir John Soane and Louis Kahn.
What’s your guilty design pleasure?
Good design doesn’t have guilt.
What’s your design philosophy?
Each client is different, as is every design.  History and
historic structures have a large influence on my design.
I strive to create timeless architecture that includes
multiple architectural vocabularies.
I strongly believe: 
The best design is an education for my clients.
What’s your favorite element of a project?
The most creative part-schematic design.
What are your favorite materials?
Wood and stone.
I always cringe when I see:
Poor detaiIing.
What is your greatest extravagance?
My two girls.
What was your greatest bargain?
Eight original signed Thonet chairs for $425.
Have you designed any products?
All types of furniture and a play house for children.
What item of furniture in your house would you never sell?
A double pedestal dining table-a family heirloom-made
by Nathan Margolis of Connecticut 1939.  It represents
family and holidays.
Describe your perfect day? Coffee and newspaper
in the courtyard, doing design work in the day without too many phone calls. dinner
with my family, a glass of cabernet and a longer-than-ten minute conversation my wife.
Do you have a favorite building or structure?
La Rotunda in Vicenza, Italy, by Andrea Palladio.
What is something you can never have too much of?
What would you do for work if you weren’t an architect?
Describe your clients:
The best: Interesting, interested in the design process of the project and appreciative of the self investment.
Name a dream client:
Can one exist?
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