East Coast Home + Design - November 2011

East Coast Home + Design

November 2011
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Intrigued from an early age by the architectural examples that surrounded him, architect Jeff Kaufman of JMKA Architects takes his inspiration from “the materials he chooses to work with, the natural environment, his travel experience in different countries and the space where the project will be built.” Believing that our environment “steers our survival,” a”well designed space helps us to be the best at our job and in raising our families.” Intrigued by “mixing the old with the new,” Mr. Kaufman believes that being an architect “allows him to have an influence in the lives of the people that live in or work in the environments that he has designed. With thirty years of experience in the field, eighty percent of his work is in residential design, twenty percent in commercial. The majority of his projects can be found throughout Fairfield County, though he and his firm have completed projects in Vermont, Massachusetts and Colorado as well.

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