JMKA | architects, an award-winning firm in lower Fairfield County, has built its reputation working closely with clients to ensure custom projects that integrate the client’s needs and vision within a budget. The firm’s design philosophy draws on the proven lessons of historical, regional and cultural context. We have a library of over 500 volumes, many of which are out of print. These are the tools and paint brushes we use to build the design, whether it’s traditional or contemporary.

In the design process, JMKA | architects uses an in-depth process to understand and integrate the project requirements and the client’s aspirations. JMKA | architects investigates all aspects of the project’s site, its relation to the program and its impact on the design. Through this evaluation, the budget is referred to and tested in relation to the design process.

JMKA | architects uses a collaborative approach on every project, a process that leads to a design solution that is both practical and aspirational. Our design process includes images and context, and centers on a team—we work closely with the client, the builder, the interior designer, the millwork shop, and the landscape architect. As a team, we work to understand and address the complexities and then the solution for a successful project.

One of the hallmarks of our firm’s design: we continue the same high level of detail on the interiors as on the exterior. Our projects reflect our expertise in custom designed furniture, hardware and lighting. The firm’s continued relationships with the finest builders, consultants and craftsmen help ensure the high level of quality and detail required by our clients.

JMKA | architects views each project as a new canvas. We integrate the client’s vision and aspirations, work within a budget and provide hands-on management of the details and the craft. A unique, personal architectural process is the hallmark of our firm.